Welcome to Resilient XP!  We are a training company focused on using the latest breakthroughs in the behavioral and neurosciences to help individuals, organizations, and communities build resilience. Resilience may be thought of as 1) the ability to develop immunity to excessive stress, and 2) the ability to rebound from adversity and trauma.  Founded by George S. Everly, Jr., PhD, ABPP, FACLP, an award-winning author of 25 books on human resilience and psychological crisis intervention. Dr. George Everly is one of the world's  premier experts in the fields of human resilience, leadership, and crisis intervention. We specialize in resiliency training that helps organizations build an "organizational culture of resilience," and individuals develop a "personal culture of resilience." These programs are designed to not only foster resilience, but to actually help organizations, individuals, and communities grow stronger with every experience.  Learn more below...

Training for Individuals

Learn how to create your own psychological body armor to help your career, marriage and life.

Training for Professionals

Learn how to be more resilient when in crisis situations with co-workers, management and/or customers.

Training for Organizations

Learn how to build stronger teams and quickly deal with internal and external crises impacting your organization.

“Think of resilient leadership as that set of leadership qualities that helps others adapt to, or rebound from, adversity. It’s the catalyst that inspired people to go places they never would have gone and attempt things they never would have dared on their own.”

George Everly, PhD

George S. Everly, Jr., PhD, ABPP

Founder of Resilient XP